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Accelerate edge application development with Edge Signal.
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Edge Signal on AWS

Abstracting out the complexities of edge computing infrastructure.
Save on development time, and allocate all your resources to the development of your business application NOT underlying infrastructure. Let Edge Signal handle the complexities of edge infrastructure.
Enjoy operational efficiency and immediate visibility of all devices and their resources with a powerful platform, which includes an operational dashboard, comprehensive monitoring, and prescriptive maintenance capabilities. The Edge Signal platform is continuously evolving, with new capabilities added each month.
Benefit from a robust and secure infrastructure with zero-touch customer and device onboarding and service deployment, easy-to-upgrade services, built-in security, much less prone to errors.
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With Edge Signal...

Accelerate edge application development

The Edge Signal platform essentially denotes Edge Infrastructure as a Service. This edge device agnostic solution provides:
Edge computing with the ease of cloud computing.
Easy centralized monitoring and management via a single dashboard.
Remote updating of device software and parameters, including applications, security hardenings, OS modules, etc.
Built-in end-to-end security including data at rest and transit.
A cloud agnostic data plane with a variety of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) integrations. 
Support for multiple applications on a single platform.
Zero-touch onboarding of devices.

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