AI-Powered Edge Infrastructure

Gain actionable insights with Hospitality Suite

Analyze and transform guest data to enhance the guest experience, optimize operations, boost upsell, and make informed decisions​.
Happy business woman waiting for elevator in hotel lobby
Edge Signal UI interface

Insights that drive real results

Hundreds of lenses capture service moments. Use these real-time insights to your advantage!
Identify repeat guests/visitors to increase loyalty.
Define zones of interest and analyze queue metrics.
Receive instant notifications about overcrowding during peak times.
Deploy staff strategically to manage increased traffic flow, ensuring guest safety and comfort.
Hospitality Suite

The power of edge AI and computer vision

With Hospitality Suite, convert video footage into actionable insights to improve customer experience and drive revenues.
Business man in conference center

Automate operations

Adjust ventilation speed or lighting based on conference room occupancy. Reduce energy consumption by adjusting facility systems according to occupancy rates of the event or exhibition.​
Reduce service calls by monitoring bathroom or meeting room occupancy.
Optimize resource allocations by aligning staff and customer-to-staff ratios to high-traffic days and hours.​
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