AI-Powered Edge Infrastructure

Transform retail operations with Shop Suite

Optimize shop operations with AI to increase revenues and save costs. ​
Display of cell phones in retail store.
Edge Signal UI interface

Optimize shop operations

With Edge Signal's Shop Suite, connect and manage existing shop infrastructure to:
Benchmark and increase average service levels​.
Understand relative performance of similar shops.
Check compliance with marketing and sales policies and guidelines.
Increase customer experience​.
Enable upsell through targeted advertisements.
Seamless operation with always on audit and health checks.
Continuous mystery shopper.
Shop Suite

The power of edge AI and computer vision

With Shop Suite, convert video footage into actionable insights to improve customer experience and drive revenues.
Mobile payment, close up.

Protect margins

Reduce shrink by automating video surveillance operations and access control.
Flag suspicious behavior and POS discrepancies.
Benefit from POS exception-based reporting to aid investigations and prosecution efforts.
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