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Powered by Wesley Clover, in partnership with AWS, Edge Signal has formed strong partnerships worldwide to foster innovation and drive customer value.
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Powered by Wesley Clover

Wesley Clover is a private, global investment management firm and holding company. Under the direction of founder, Chairman and serial technology entrepreneur Terry Matthews, the focus is to fund and grow successful technology companies. More than 100 firms have been created to date. Early data networking giant Newbridge Networks, and current global business communications leader Mitel are particular highlights.

In total, more than 140 founders have been backed by Wesley Clover, with more than $1.0B in direct investment. The portfolio has produced 20 IPOs, slightly more than that number of exits via acquisition, and more than $3.5B in public returns.

Global ecosystem of partners

At Edge Signal, collaboration with others is important to foster innovation and create value for our clients. Headquartered in the Kanata North Technology Park, Canada's largest tech park, Edge Signal is fortunate to have direct access to global talent - driving technological innovation and advancement.

One example of such collaboration is Celestra Health Systems, who - in partnership with Moticon, the University of Ottawa and Edge Signal - developed a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Management Solution that uses smart insoles containing a variety of high-precision sensors to feed critical body movement data to a dedicated smartphone app. This enables patients and doctors to better manage the realities of living with MS.​
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AWS & Edge Signal

Edge Signal delivers a complete and simplified solution for businesses needing the functionality that AWS services & tools bring to their applications and more.​
Abstracting out the complexities of the AWS toolset through a simple interface, eliminating the need for certification to configure and manage these tools.
Providing tools that fall outside of the AWS toolset to handle the smaller details of application infrastructure.
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