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Spend your time where it matters. Save on development time and allocate all your resources to the development of your business application NOT underlying infrastructure.
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Accelerate edge solution development, reduce time to value.

Management dashboard abstracts out edge infrastructure complexities, so your teams focus on value creation.
Edge solution development toolset reduces resource needs and shortens project delivery timelines. The platform provides no-code, low-code toolset enabling easy application development, integration, and edge AI capabilities.
Standard edge infrastructure with development toolset and coordination capabilities reduce idea to pilot timelines, enables multiple apps in single edge environment.
Utilizing edge AI enables real-time decision-making and intelligent automation at the edge.
Open system, device agnostic, cloud agnostic, no vendor lock-in.
Edge data sovereignty overcomes privacy obstacles in many digitization and automation projects. It is powerful to pre-process data for anonymization, PII reduction, and data size optimization.
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Enable cost effective, quality operation of edge infrastructure and applications.

Enjoy significant cost savings on edge infrastructure management. Managed scalable infrastructure, built with best practices, and continuously evolving.
Multi-level role base coordination and standard edge infrastructure reduce idea to pilot timelines, enables multiple apps in single edge environment. Fast onboarding of new projects, applications, users, and devices.
Maintain consistency, security, and efficient management of edge computing environments. Built-in security with role-based access, audit, compliance, and policy enforcement.
AI-powered management and monitoring tools, empowers proactive and predictive operations.
Achieve Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) targets by improving resource efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and promoting social inclusion.
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