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10 Reasons for Choosing Edge Signal

October 10, 2023
2 mins read

For developers looking to manage their edge applications, Edge Signal provides a simple solution to the complex problem of integrating devices and data into the cloud. Existing hyperscaler technologies provide part of the toolset to enable edge computing, but don’t abstract out the edge infrastructure complexities. Customers consequently choose Edge Signal to dramatically reduce the time-to-market and ongoing operating costs.

By providing a new development layer at the network edge, Edge Signal enables devices to be controlled, made secure, and updated without costly on-site technicians or remote hands. Application developers can create custom solutions without having to be AWS, Google, or Azure certified or know the complexities of the cloud, device programming controls, and associated protocols. Edge Signal makes building edge applications seamless, scalable, and secure.

Interested in learning more? Check out these 10 Reasons for choosing Edge Signal:

  1. Faster time-to-market with higher quality product: Save on development time, and allocate all your resources to the development of your business application. Don't be limited by the current edge infrastructure's quality challenges.
  2. Quality service with less resources: Operational efficiency and immediate visibility of the network with a powerful, continuously evolving platform including edge cockpit, operational dashboard, pager, and APN capabilities.
  3. Easy to operate: Robust and secure infrastructure with zero touch customer onboarding and service deployment, easy to upgrade services, seamless device onboarding, built-in security, much less prone to errors. The customer experience of your application is dependent on the quality of the underlaying infrastructure.
  4. Flexible infrastructure: Hardware agnostic, compatible with all Linux distributions and supports all cloud providers.
  5. Single pane of glass management system: Enables edge computing with the comfort and ease of cloud computing from application delivery and infrastructure management to security. Provides tools for efficient operation of edge infrastructure with advanced monitoring, alert, log, and metric management capabilities.
  6. Flexible software management: Easy management for all your applications, parameters, scripts, and files. Over the Air (OTA) updates, including application parameters, pre/post deployment scripts, and file transfers.
  7. Robust device and fleet management: Full visibility and control of your devices. Bulk registrations and device groups make it easy to manage device fleets at scale. Hardware agnostic solution, uses your optimum edge hardware with any Linux version. Remote control your devices, run Commands and Scripts, connect with SSH, view Logs, and configure network WiFi settings.
  8. Advanced software support capabilities: SDK support to make your applications configurable and integrated with event bus. Our cloud agnostic data integration architecture lets customers store their own data anywhere they choose, and Event Bus connects your applications internally on device and to the cloud.
  9. Zero-touch onboarding: No more complicated multi-step procedures to share with your customers for account, user, or device onboarding. The Rapid Edge deployment function makes new services available in minutes with minimal training required.
  10. Multiple applications in single edge infrastructure: Run many open source and Edge Signal- offered applications for your edge deployment as well as your own. We believe that flexibility of integration is paramount for edge platforms to provide the application options required to address differing vertical market requirements. Application Marketplace enables easy management of edge application suites, allowing upsell of SaaS companies and efficient infrastructure management for enterprises.

There are many more reasons for choosing our AI-powered edge computing platform, Edge Signal. Build what you need vs. wasting time on the infrastructure that you don’t. Edge Signal is a developer-friendly rapid application creation, deployment, and management platform.

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