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Five Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line with Edge Signal

September 21, 2023
3 mins read

Pressure to save costs and drive revenues is a common challenge faced by businesses and organizations across various industries –arising from the constant need to maintain profitability, competitiveness, and sustainability in a rapidly evolving technology environment.

By leveraging the benefits of edge computing, businesses can enhance their operations, offer innovative services, and create opportunities for generating additional revenue streams, leading to sustained growth and competitiveness in the market. In addition to removing edge complexities, Edge Signal improves your bottom line. Here’s how:

1.      Save money by releasing edge applications in a much shorter time with less effort:

Releasing edge applications quickly and efficiently can lead to significant cost savings. Traditional software development cycles often involve lengthy development times, which can result in higher expenses related to development resources, overhead, and opportunity costs. By adopting streamlined development processes and tools, businesses can expedite the creation and deployment of edge applications. This not only reduces development costs but also accelerates the time-to-market, allowing businesses to start realizing returns on their investments sooner.

2.      Operate edge applications with less effort in a high-quality infrastructure:

High-quality infrastructure is essential for the reliable and efficient operation of edge applications. An agile approach to infrastructure management ensures that edge applications run smoothly, with minimal downtime or disruptions. By optimizing infrastructure provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance, businesses can reduce operational efforts and costs associated with troubleshooting and addressing issues. This leads to enhanced performance, improved customer experiences, and reduced operational overhead.

3.      Try new ideas with minimal costs:

Agility enables businesses to experiment and test new ideas with reduced financial risk. By embracing rapid development cycles and iterative testing, organizations can quickly validate concepts and gather user feedback. If an idea proves unviable, the cost of abandoning it is minimized due to the shorter development cycles. This approach encourages innovation and empowers teams to explore creative solutions without incurring extensive expenses.

4.      Use multiple edge applications in a single infrastructure:

Agile deployment of multiple edge applications on a shared infrastructure can optimize resource utilization and reduce overhead. Rather than dedicating separate resources for each application, an agile approach allows for efficient allocation and dynamic scaling based on real-time demands. This ensures that resources are used effectively, leading to cost savings and better utilization of hardware and software resources.

5.      Drive revenues by bringing new edge applications to market quicker:

The ability to introduce new edge applications to the market swiftly can be a key driver of revenue growth. As customer needs and market trends change rapidly, being agile enables businesses to capitalize on emerging opportunities and stay ahead of competitors. Rapid deployment of new edge applications enables businesses to tap into new revenue streams, capture market share, and respond effectively to shifting customer preferences.

At Edge Signal, we understand that in today's fast-paced and uncertain business environment, the ability to remain agile is crucial for sustained success. As one of our case studies demonstrates, we enabled thinkRF to operate at scale - increasing productivity and boosting their bottom line. The quick transformation into a SaaS business enriched thinkRF's core functionalities by eliminating time spent on infrastructure delivery - the result being a 9-month improvement on go-to-market and double the productivity, 99,999% uptime, and a 100% reduction in operational costs, provisioning, and go-live processes.

With our “pay as you grow” model, get started for free and discover the impact Edge Signal can have on your operations with minimal investment.

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