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How Edge AI Is Changing Retail

July 9, 2024
3 mins read

For brands worldwide, physical stores remain important amidst the rise of online shopping as they allow customers to touch, feel, and try out products before making a purchase. Physical stores also offer immediate gratification, not to mention personalized customer service, and social interactions. Upselling opportunities in physical stores are incredibly important as they allow brands to capitalize on impulse buying by strategically placing products and creating visually appealing displays that entice customers to make unplanned purchases.

How can brands maximize upsell? And how can physical stores differentiate themselves from online competitors and maintain their relevance in the evolving retail landscape?

When it comes to their physical stores, retailers increasingly adopt various innovative strategies to remain competitive, such as omnichannel integration and utilizing in-store analytics to understand customer behavior, preferences, and shopping patterns – enabling personalized marketing and optimized store layouts.

Real-time insights drive informed decision-making while streamlining operations, improving customer experiences, and increasing revenues.

With Edge Signal's Shop Suite, connect and manage existing shop infrastructure to:

  • Benchmark and increase average service levels​.
  • Understand relative performance of similar shops.
  • Check compliance with marketing and sales policies and guidelines.
  • Increase customer experience​.
  • Enable upsell through targeted advertisements.
  • Seamless operation with always on audit and health checks.
  • Continuous mystery shopper.

AI-powered personalization enables brands to create customized shopping experiences for their customers. By leveraging real-time data, retailers can identify shoppers’ interests and preferences, and target them with relevant offers and promotions – all in real time. The results? Increased sales and enhanced customer satisfaction.

To be more specific, Edge Signal enables retailers to:

  • Adapt marketing strategies based on real-time insights into customer preferences to strengthen customer loyalty and drive business growth.
  • Strategically place marketing materials according to customer flow within the store.
  • By analyzing customer movement and engagement, retailers can pinpoint bottlenecks and make informed decisions about store layout, product placement, and staff allocation, resulting in a seamless shopping experience.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by identifying peak shopping hours, enabling stores to optimize staff schedules based on customer traffic patterns.
  • Identify high-traffic areas to ensure they are well-stocked.
  • Reposition slow-moving products to more visible locations.

In-store analytics can truly give retailers a competitive edge. Convert video footage into actionable insights to improve the customer experience and drive revenues.

Get started with Edge Signal today to transform your retail operations!

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