Edge Signal Achieves AWS IoT ISV Competency Status with its Edge Computing Platform

January 11, 2024
2 mins read

OTTAWA, January 11, 2024 – Edge Signal today announced that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT ISV Competency status with its AI-powered edge computing platform.

Attaining this status differentiates Edge Signal as a member of AWS Partner Network (APN) that has successfully demonstrated deep expertise in building an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solution that helps customers take advantage of AWS Cloud for IoT.

“We’re thrilled that Edge Signal has achieved AWS IoT ISV Competency status,” said Arda Ozgun, CEO at Edge Signal. “This competency distinction recognizes the work we have done with AWS thus far and lays the foundation for many projects to come.”

Before investing in edge applications, organizations must tackle edge infrastructure complexities, such as the management and updating of distributed hardware and software systems, connectivity to remote nodes, security and privacy concerns with an expanded attack surface, monitoring and troubleshooting of highly complicated systems, optimization of AI models, and more. These are complex tasks. Edge Signal addresses these challenges by providing an abstraction layer that removes these technological and organizational complexities. It enables digitization at the edge with flexible, project-oriented, role-based access control for easy and secure coordination of multiple parties, including Information Technology, Operational Technology, Application Provider, System Integrators, and other partners.

Powered by Wesley Clover International, Edge Signal also provides a toolset featuring a low code/no code environment, AI baseline, and cloud agnostic application plane. Its API first strategy makes it easy to integrate with CI/CD pipelines and other operational and monitoring dashboards. The developer-friendly platform accelerates application development by providing tools, ready to use integrations, and data processors to make edge AI applications slimmer, robust, and scalable. The heart of the Edge Signal platform is a single pane of glass management system with AI-based advanced monitoring, alert, log, metric, and remote-control capabilities. Edge Signal enables devices and gateways to be controlled, made more secure, and updated without costly on-site technicians or remote hands.

Arda Ozgun concluded: “Edge Signal brings added value to the hyperscale and edge computing environment of today. We’re delighted to leverage powerful AWS services and eliminate the need for advanced technical skills to configure and manage these tools. This provides immediate value to our clients.”

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