Automating operations in warehouses can significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity. DHL turned to Edge Signal to utilize the AI-powered edge computing platform to relieve staff from repetitive, mundane tasks and to increase overall safety standards.

The Edge Signal solution

Using Edge Signal and leveraging the power of real-time data processing and analytics for efficient inventory management, predictive maintenance, and more, DHL is able to automate time-consuming tasks to allow warehouse staff to focus on more complex issues.

Using computer vision and deep learning, Edge Signal also enables DHL to enforce important safety measures across all warehouses. This includes automated procedures to check if protective equipment is worn, detect man down incidents, issue automated alerts should forklifts or other machinery get too close to humans, etc. Other use cases include:

  • Energy efficiency management in warehouses
  • Managing and automating IoT devices
  • Perimeter security surveillance
  • Inventory management and monitoring
  • Object tracking and detection
  • Computer vision processing with AI
  • Monocular depth analysis

Since implementing Edge Signal, DHL has reported substantial cost savings thanks to real-time data processing and analytics and improved operational efficiencies.

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