An embedded software development company provides solutions using sensors with on-board AI & computer vision for smart cities, buildings, and industries. They are continuously developing new applications in their AI lab which employ this technology - some on demand.

Their solution monitors parking space vacancies and detects availabilities using AI software on sensors, and it enables counting people or objects quantitatively and qualitatively. But to perform these tasks effectively, the client needed the ability to process a massive amount of data collected at the edge. And they required a robust edge infrastructure platform to manage the sheer number of devices necessary.

The Edge Signal solution

Edge Signal deployed on AWS provided the perfect solution.

"We have been using Edge Signal to manage our sensors equipped with on-board AI and computer vision for our smart city projects, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. The platform has allowed us to process real-time data from our smart cameras, making it possible to quickly analyze and respond to critical events. The ability to bring AI and computer vision capabilities to the edge has significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of our systems, and has allowed us to create truly smart and responsive buildings and cities. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend Edge Signal to anyone looking to take their smart city or building initiatives to the next level."
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