Global telecommunications operator lifecell turned to Edge Signal to optimize shop operations with AI to increase revenues and save costs. By adopting Shop Suite Pro, lifecell is able to process and analyze data in real time to gain important insights:

  • Benchmark and increase average service levels​
  • Understand relative performance of similar shops
  • Check compliance with marketing and sales policies and guidelines
  • Increase customer experience​
  • Enable upsell through targeted advertisements
  • Seamless operation with always on audit and health checks
  • Continuous mystery shopper

By connecting and managing existing shop infrastructure including cameras, Edge Signal is able to convert video footage into actionable insights, enhance visitor and employee experience, and more. Utilizing edge AI and computer vision, on-brand placement of all products and supporting collateral is enforced, not to mention automated audits to ensure compliance with applicable health and safety regulations.

Capturing key traffic metrics and understanding store dynamics with real-time heatmaps, queue analytics, and conversion metrics is crucial to enable lifecell to adjust strategies and offerings based on customer profile and big data insights.

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