thinkRF has a suite of spectrum analyzers, and they were using a PC application to access and process the spectrum data. By employing Edge Signal on AWS, they transformed their perpetual business into a SaaS model by remotely managing their spectrum analyzers, associated edge infrastructure, and applications.

"At thinkRF, we pride ourselves on producing unparalleled spectrum intelligence systems that help our customers stay on top of their wireless networks. But to do that, we need the ability to manage our devices and applications at the edge, where the data is being generated. That's where Edge Signal comes in.”

Benefits of using Edge Signal

Since thinkRF began using the edge computing infrastructure management capabilities provided by Edge Signal, they now focus on Cloud Analytics and AI Processing of the spectrum data. This quick transformation into a SaaS business has enriched their core functionalities by eliminating time spent on infrastructure delivery - the result being a 9-month improvement on go-to-market and double the productivity, 99,999% uptime, and a 100% reduction in operational costs, provisioning, and go-live processes.

“Edge Signal (…) helped us improve the overall performance of our spectrum management products, so our customers can get the most accurate and reliable data possible."

Jim Roche, CEO at thinkRF, adds:

"Overall, Edge Signal has been a game changer for thinkRF. It's helped us to stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. We look forward to seeing what other future benefits it will bring!"
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