Working in collaboration with world-leading clinicians in Multiple Sclerosis management, Celestra Health Systems developed a Multiple Sclerosis treatment management solution, powered by Edge Signal, that uses smart insoles containing a variety of high precision sensors to feed critical body movement data to a dedicated smartphone MS app. This will enable patients and doctors to better manage the realities of living with this lifelong condition.

The AI-powered Multiple Sclerosis app is a simple to use solution that collects data from the patient’s smart insoles and combines it with periodic cognitive and upper limb dexterity assessments to provide highly granular insights into the patient’s disease condition.

AI algorithms translate sensor data into real-time gait metrics (stride length/duration, step height, swing velocity, center of pressure, turn time, cadence, etc.) while continuous monitoring enables the formation of a highly accurate picture of the patient's disease condition over time​.

Bruce Ford, CEO of Celestra Health Systems explains:

“Our experience with Edge Signal has been outstanding right from the start. As a healthcare technology company, security and reliability are critical to our success, and the AI-powered Edge Signal computing platform has exceeded our expectations on both fronts. By leveraging the Edge Signal platform, we have been able to cut our product development timeline by 50%, resulting in the delivery of our new award-winning product to market in 18 months. Our Edge Signal-powered product is now deployed globally, serving patients with Multiple Sclerosis in the US, the UK and Canada. Edge Signal includes all the tools necessary to optimize our day-to-day operations, resulting in considerable ongoing cost savings. This in turn allows our development team to stay focused on our core strengths, as we continue to push the boundaries of early detection of disease progression in MS patients."

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